Beer is considered as alcoholic beverage which is being produced by saccharification of fermentation and starch of resulting sugar. The starch enzymes are derived from the malted and cereal grains such as malted wheat and malted barley. Most of the beers are flavored with substances like hops which are being added for bitterness which also acts as natural preservative to it. The preparation process for beer is called as brewing.
Basically, there are two different types of classification of beer which has similar brewing methods as well as the basic ingredients. The difference lies in the requirement of different kind of yeast for fermentation of the beer. The category of the beers have been discussed in details below –
beers•    Ales –the ales dates are brewed in many countries though these are widely consumed and produced in England. It tends to be full bodied and sweet beer. The color of the beer varies from rich brown to golden dark depending upon the grains which are being used in brewing process. Mostly it is served in the pint glasses.
•    Lagers – lager has a crisp with a clean taste in the beer. For the fermentation of lagers bottom fermenting yeasts are required while the process takes a longer period of time to process which also requires low temperature in the aging process which is known as lagering. It helps to mellow the lager beer for creating smoother taste.

Different types of Ales beer and Lager beer
Some of the types of ales are as follows –
•    Amber ale
•    Bitter
•    Pale ale
•    Irish ale
•    Stout
•    Porter
•    Wheat beer
Various types of lagers are as follows –
•    Bock
•    Dunkel
•    Marzen
•    Pale lager
Recommended glassware
You can choose any of the type and flavor of the beer which will suit you best. The considerations can lie with the quality and taste of the beer. It is also important to select proper and recommended glassware to be used with the type of beer. This will enhance the taste and experience of drinking beer.
Some of the recommended glassware for the ales beer is pub glass for amber ale as well as for bitter. IF you prefer to drink out of a bottle or a can don’t forget to use Koozies. Koozies keep the hear from your warm hands to change temperature of the beer. Whereas the recommended glassware for the lager beer are kolsch or stange glass for bocks, fluted glass like pilsner glass, footed beer glasses or champagne glass for dunkel, beer mug or pub glass for marzen and pilsner glass for pale lagers.