The findings of monsoons date back to the 1,800 when there were ruling dynasties now they discover that there is some sort of link to the strength and weaknesses of the monsoons now they have also discovered a cave that contains stalagmite that was preserved by the wondrous monsoon rains. Stalagmites are largely made up of calcium carbonate, which precipitates from groundwater dripping from the ceiling of a cave.

Chemical analysis of a 118mm-long stalagmite from Wangxiang Cave, in Gansu province, north-west China, told the history of strong and weak cycles in the monsoon – the rains that water crops to feed millions of people in Asia. Source

Koozies are one of the best ways for promoting your team, group or company. Whether it is a political rally, celebration or wedding, it is the right choice for giving the message clear and loud. They are trendy, personal and promotional item. They are mostly used for promotion due to their increasing use by people. They are made of foam or sponge that makes them an sponge of moisture that is formed in dew drops form, due to condensation on the beer cans or bottles surfaces. Graduation and wedding koozies are few examples of personalized and custom koozies.

•    Wedding koozies can be used like a momentum to preserve the beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony. The names of both groom and bride are printed nicely on koozies with the marriage date.
•    For Graduation work perfectly like a return gift to those who come for attending the wonderful graduation ceremony.
•    Zipper ones are largely used by athletes and sports persons for carrying their beverage bottles. The zipper koozies give a trendy look.
There are many other cheap personalized koozies that are used by people. Some even use koozies to hold milk bottles for feeding small kids and babies. With your own creativity, you can even design your own koozies.
They are excellent way of giving special gifts to your guests. There are lots of online stores that offer these products. You just need to find out the right website from where you can buy the can coozy’s for your guests. You will be able to choose the design and color of the koozies. The buyers also have the opportunity to select the material according to their choice. Depending on your guest list you will also be able to order the right number of the customized koozies that you want. Lots of people love to get hold of koozies whenever they visit any event or party. The koozies can be used for a long time. These products are used in both celebratory occasions as well as social settings.